BLANK HOTEL | White in The City

3P TECHNOLOGIES with Caberlon Caroppi for White in the City at Milano Design Week 2017.

“White in The City “ is the title of a visionary project which, during Milan Design Week brought together some of the leading international artists with a set of installations shown in four of the most beautiful architectural jewels of Milan in the district of Brera. Within this project was the multimedia installation “Blank Hotel”, at the historic Cusani Palace, organised by 3P Technologies

The architects, specialists in the world of hospitality, chose to recreate a completely white hotel room, ‘Blank’; like a pristine canvas, an unwritten page, a finite place and space, but with infinite opportunities for expression. Blank Hotel is a place where the guest is able to express his or her own emotional passage, leaving a sign, or a colour, and in this way to contact and communicate with previous and future guests. The installation encourages the visitor to become an active part of the installation itself, taking a photo with a touch monitor, for which a customised software has been created, and to personalise it by associating it with a range of colours linked to a spectrum of emotions and feelings. The photo, immediately projected inside the room above the head of the bed creates a virtual wall of faces and emotions. A second projector projects down onto the bed with words linked to the emotional sphere.

3P Technologies managed the design, production and hiring of multimedia audio-video systems, with technological skills in the hardware and software sector. 3P Technologies has always promoted technology for use by art and architecture and chose to install NEC laser phosphor projectors, PX803UL and P502HL, characterised by the superior cinematographic image quality, particularly on wide screens, thanks to the ability to process 4K signals, perfect for indoor installations. 




  • type

    Events - Installation
  • client

    Caberlon Caroppi 
  • Location

    Palazzo Cusani - Milano
  • Applications

    Projections, project management, video mapping , NEC Display Solutions