David Bowie is ,realized by 59 Productions,was adapted by 3P Technologies for Mambo Museum spaces. 

Along this journey music obviously took on a primary role and Sennheiser’s solutions proved themselves to be particularly effective and suitable. The visitor is in fact equipped on entrance with a Sennheiser GuidePORT audio guide, an integral part of the visit. The system reproduces audio automatically when the visitor comes close to each installation, or when they enter into a determined section of the exhibition, allowing them to further enjoy the content in total liberty and autonomy. Thanks to GuidePORT it was therefore possible to listen to the audio from the numerous screens that had been installed (video clips, films, television) 

The audio system is associated with an equally rich video set up that follows with equal steps Bowie’s transformations, alternating surprising innovative solutions and vintage finds. 

The video wall installation is instead made up of four 55” monitors managed by a controller.

The projector system that accompanies the visitor from the beginning of the visit is equally varied: a combination of NEC, Panasonic, Barco and Vivitek products. For video mapping and in  the “Show Moment” room in particular content was projected on the walls by four Panasonic projectors.

The entire multimedia system is totally synchronised and linked via one local network, which is also possible to connect to remotely. Video signals are transmitted via an extender.

The wide range of AV solutions adopted for the installation seem to mirror its very same eclectic, innovative and experimental character as the artist.





  • type

    Events - Installation
  • client

    BF Servizi Srl  
  • Location

    MAMbo | Bologna 
  • Applications

    Projections, project management, Guideport, Video Mapping, Videowall
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