3P TECHNOLOGIES curated the Montecarlo Show 2015 for Farmaca International, a leading company for professional hairstylist products.

The 3 day event hosted famous worldwide hairstylists and special guests like Teresa Mannino and "i Boiler" adding a plus to the event.

As the only event curator, 3P Technologies as well as arranging the audio-video and the multimedia props on stage, led the direction and the recording of the live streaming of the event, the live from the backstage, the 3-camera direction, the light design for the show, the catwalk and the gala dinner, the entire design for the stage with central catwalk and for the backstage.

The 12 meter projection has been realised by Edge Blending with Panasonic Projectors PTDZ21K Full HD and directed by Analog Way.

Teresa Mannino, "I Boiler" and the "Rimband"'s  show backline and audio engineering have been managed with a line array D&B Audiotecnik and a Mixer Digico SD9 sound system.

Our technicians realised the entire stage structure with central catwalk and backstage.


  • type

  • client

    Farmaca International
  • Location

    Principato di Monaco
  • Applications

    Led Wall, Streaming & Recording, Line Array, Galà Dinner, Lighting, Analog Way