The I Gigli Shopping Centre is located in Campi Bisenzio, Florence is one of the largest and best retail and leisure centres in Italy. For refurbishment, in coincidence with the 20 years since the opening, the designers focused on the animation of spaces with a large ledwall surface making the shopping experience exciting and involving. The installation was completed at night while the mall was closed and the work lasted approximately two months. Custom made structures were designed to house the modules and anchor the systems safely in position.

3P Technologies has designed and installed in different phases all the ledwall displays, including the largest circular LED screen in Italy, for the redevelopment of Gigli Shopping Centre in Florence. The refurbishment include a Circular Led , 8 curvy columns ( trees ) and 2 columns.

Comprising over 2,000 digiLED newFLEX modules, the 1.58m-high record-breaking LED screen has a circumference of 66.2m, decorating the interior wall of the mall and displays video content to inform, entice and engage with shopping centre visitors. Shoppers will find themselves in a dynamic, state-of-the-art multimedia centre immersed by not only the captivating circular screen, but also by additional curved columns scattered around the mall. 

Gigli is one of several retail spaces evolving with LED screen equipment to improve brand and product marketing.



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    Ledwall Installation
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  • Location

    Campi Bisenzio  - Firenze  
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    Ledwall, project management, Circular Led
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