JW MARRIOT | Isola delle Rose 

In the venetian lagoon an artificial island is transformed to a Luxury resort with wide green areas. The island's protected area hosts a number of buildings from the beginning of the 1900: an hospital with an service annexe. The whole island project is a result of the work by Matteo Thun in collaboration with Luca Colombo and it focuses on the maintenance of all the 19 buildings together with the integration of internal contemporary elements emphasizing their extraordinary stories and characters.

The former hospital area (1936) becomes a luxury hotel, with 230 contemporised venetian style suite rooms, a wide terrace with swimming pool and panoramic restaurant; close to this, a convention centre and a Liberty Style building now converted to a refined holiday villa with 360° panoramic garden looking on Venice; the back gardens are kept respecting the island landscape.

The multimedia effects are concentrated on the sound of all the buildings and on the central control of the tech facilities. Each area has its own sound management, overseen by the integrated management system. The choice of the speakers are particularly accurate both for the technical and the architectural sides resulting in a less invasive but more performing solution.

  • type

  • client

    JW Marriot
  • Location

    Venezia (VE)
  • Applications

    Spa, Impianto PA, audio