3P TECHNOLOGIES designed and installed the innovative and fascinating interactive facade of MUSEION in Bolzano, where its distinctive imposing effect is due to the contrast between the thick metal structure of the sides and the inset transparent shape of the facade. A sophisticated system manage the opening and closing of the shutters of the two facades, the rolling of the curtains and the the control of the 36 projectors distributed inside the building in the various exhibition spaces while the glass surface becomes the 5th exhibition display of the Museum.

On the facade, videos showing pictures and animations create a dialogue with the museum's structure and the urban landscape following the artists' directions. The union between the attractive medieval facade and the grand size of the structure added to the potential offered by technology and the strength of the architecture during both day and night create a link with the territory.

The interactive facade of MUSEION is oriented both to the city centre and to the green fields of the river Talvera with a strong emotional impact due to the audio diffusion.

The benches in front of the entrances double as speakers.

The interactive facade of Museion represents a challenge for the artists that have to confront themselves with a very different exhibiting space for its big dimensions, the technology and the public space.

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    Multiproiezione architetturale.
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    Distribuzione di contenuti, Video wall,  watchout, edgeblending e warping