3P TECHNOLOGIES for Up! Marghera on Stage, the Venetian Pavilion at Giardini of the Biennale, for The Biennale of Venice. Inspired by The XV International Architecture Exhibition Theme “Reporting from the Front”, the Pavilion’s curatorial team proposed a journey through the extraordinary industrial city of Marghera. In constant development, this area is watched with special care by the City Council.

The collaborative team work between curators and architects led to the design of a linear path accompanying and involving the visitor with a video running all the way down on the left wall of the exhibiting space. Exploring different realities and spaces, abandoned or inhabited, the project offers proposals designed by the selected young architects. Also, piers and quays have been placed becoming the support for the exhibition of mockups, drawings, videos, etc.

3P TECHNOLOGIES installed two multi-projection systems, each of them composed by four latest generation NEC projectors using laser-phophor technology resulting in a singular image projected on the wall while three other devices project onto tables from above.




  • type

    Events - Installation
  • client

  • Location

    Biennale di Architettura | Venezia
  • Applications

    Projections, project management