WHITE IN THE CITY - White Ben-Essere  

3P TECHNOLOGIES technical parter for White in The City White in the city at San Carpoforo, an experiential immersion.An experiential, sensorial immersion between real and surreal. The idea of finding yourself in an imagined daily life place, through a scenic design that takes the visitor across an unusual setting from which to get ideas on how to fit out one’s home in a healthy way, using ecological products and a colour choice, being aware of  the benefits arising from it

3P TECHNOLOGIES developed in collaboration with DOOH.IT an immersive experience inside San Carpoforo’s ex-church in Brera District. The smart set-up of White Well-being explored the various textures of White.
A double animation in video projection, creates continuity and energy with disruption towards the background, but at the same time with elegance. A series of 3D fade-out shapes appears from an uniform texture. Each shape represents a declination and an experience of white. The 3d animation slowly leaves space for images: symbolic locations designed by Oikos and iconic products follow the concept of white as a universe of Well-being in the space and in the mind. Our Sound & Light Design accompanied the discover and the choice of chromatic solutions for a custom ecological and stimulating environment.
The wide size of the animation enhanced the unconventional and immersive result of product and brand storytelling that plays with sensory inputs and beauty.
The White Well-being set-up curated by DAS 16.8 studio won the contest ”Vote for your favourite installation of White in the city“.



  • type

    Events - Installation
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  • Location

    Chiesa San Carpoforo - Brera  
  • Applications

    Projections, project management, Sound& Lighting, Video Mapping,
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