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Maya® is a platform dedicated to the world of Home & Building Automation, and represents a concept that can make everyday tasks more efficient, easy and intuitive; the ability to integrate different platforms and systems into a single one, makes 3P TECHNOLOGIES solutions one-of-a-kind of a system.
Philosophy, products, ideas are the key elements to define the relationship of communication to be established with our customers. 3P TECHNOLOGIES offers the ultimate smart home automation solution by making the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly. By integrating everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security—even smartphones and tablets.

Care solutions

The technologies that we developed and our collaboration with many different institutes, allow us to achieve/carry out applications that are going to be integrated in a domestic environment, properly designed and technologically equipped, with systems and tools capable of carrying out autonomous
functions, able to control and self-learn the habits of people with impairments or motor disabilities and the elderly. Having a single system, specifically designed, capable of understanding all the functions that the person needs/all the person’s needs, also allows the doctors to evaluate/consider habits and behaviors, with the final aim to improve the therapies. Considering people with impairments an active part of a real
estate is a basic requirement to design a house that fits these needs.

Green building

Specific applications are developed to suit the plant design needs concerning the “green building”. The type of installation and its automation represents a basic part of the working process that we have to manage and supervise in all its aspects, concerning the current regulations in the sector (EN15232 for energy efficiency). We can satisfy the highest classification criteria. We recommend solutions that suit these new needs, capable of managing many different systems (accounting, district heating, mechanical ventilation, geothermal science, photovoltaic, solar thermal).
Of particular interest is the new concept of biotherm regulation and the new software known as “Comfort meter”.

Hotel & Wellness

The hospitality system Maya® Hotel & Wellness provides the ideal solution for managing the accommodation facilities, and at the same time guarantees reliability and seamlessly customer support.
Innovative systems for access control, supervision, energy efficiency, wellness and SPA managing system, meeting room and multimedia content.
Maya® is a scalable system: is basically possible starting with the access control of a gate camera and then implement the system with the presence control, the management of the activation of the energy control, and finally with the improvement of the thermo regulation.
In the wellness area we manage: led lighting, RGB lighting, chromo therapy, underfloor heating system, steam room humidification system, sauna thermo regulation system, activation scene for multi-sensory shower with music and aromatherapy.

Energy saver

To optimize a flow it means to save money and energy. How do we do it? Modifying the procedures in order to reduce the wastes and using technologies capable of managing the energy in a more efficient way.
The technologies we use help us to supervise and memorize the basic parameters for an efficient energy saving. Using innovative devices defines the status of “home comfort”, a new parameter that identifies not only the inner temperature, but also compares values like temperature, pressure, humidity and CO2 and determines/actives also a relative action of regulation.
The measurement, the control, and the comparison of the data are the basis of our regulation systems. In the modern plant design these are the fundamental parameters that we find, for example, both in the thermo regulation of a private villa, and in the energetic accounting of a condominium, or in the management of a thermal power plant of a building.

Touch & keypad

We propose high quality products with unique functionality. The design, in connection with the functionalities/purposes represents a crucial factor in our creations.