We design and install video conference systems for Audio and Video connections between various locations, Telepresence and Video-on-demand. Solutions that allow rapid and dynamic business communications, distance learning and / or remote consulting through easy sharing of HD video, high quality audio and presentations from a PC that you can share in maximum security. Thanks to a new cloud solutions, video conferencing systems are also available on mobile devices with IOS platforms, Android and Windows phone.


The web streaming systems allow you to share online and to record parliamentary sessions and training or presentations directly on the web , allowing for example, to follow an intervention or a meeting held comfortably in fixed or mobile devices  . Also you can index data storage , indicating the main keywords.


We create advanced audio video multimedia control system completely customizable with the most modern devices for corporates, world of training, conference centers, hotels, retail, museums and stadiums. 


Projection mapping, also known as video mapping, is a projections technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, small indoor objects or theatrical stages. The final effect is a large 3D scene .


We design and manufacture Control Room for every type of application: from military to Scada systems, from traffic control to the broadcast. The know-how acquired over the years and the partnership with leading manufacturers worldwide allows us to use any type of technology for display and for the control part.


3P TECHNOLOGIES offers an ideal solution for retail, museums, information points and installations where the convenience of the structure combines high performance and a system customization. The software is designed and developed for use by multi-touch display to allow users a simple and intuitive navigation.


Digital displays use technologies such as LCD,LED and Projection to display content such digital images,video, streaming media, weather data, restaurant menu.They can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing and advertising.


Acoustic analysis and consulting for EVAC systems (sound systems for evacuation) for the proper communication of an emergency and evacuation of large environments, such as shops, schools, shopping centers, hospitals, and generally of buildings.


Our experience in  video industry has enabled us to constantly refine the technique up to offer video solutions of any size and ideal resolution for display of major events both indoors and outdoors. A video wall is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. Typical display technologies include LCD panels, Direct View LED arrays, blended projection screens, Laser Phosphor Displays, and rear projection cubes. Video walls are sometimes found in control rooms, stadiums, and other large public venues


3P TECHNOLOGIES provides sophisticated audio systems for homes under some of the most regarded names in the industry as well as advanced control systems for total home automation. Our project engineers also designs and sells innovative video signal solutions that enable displays in airports, stadium and retail.


We propose ledwall solutions for any type of application, LEDfloor and LEDwall indoor / outdoor . This kind of technology is ideal for events, live shows, conventions, entertainments and digital signage. Thanks to its versatility, the lightness of the structure and visibility in broad daylight make this solution a perfect product for all types of applications. We offer ledwall solutions for rental and for fixed installations.


  Using innovative devices we can defines the status of “home comfort”, a new parameter that identifies not only the inner temperature, but also compares values like temperature, pressure, humidity and CO2 and determines/actives also a relative action of regulation. The measurement, the control, and the comparison of the data are the basis of our regulation systems. In the modern plant design these are the fundamental parameters that we find, for example, both in the thermo regulation of a private villa, and in the energetic accounting of a condominium, or in the management of a thermal power plant of a building